Birmingham, 1964


Victor Wright  - I've been reading and writing stories since I was very young. As an author, I've turned my hand to what I love most of all - creating stories that submerse you into another reality.


"I love writing.  It doesn't matter to me if it's books or comics or some other format, I always find it worthwhile."


Living in the UK, I'm enjoying working with an international team of professional creators to develop  titles such as 'Esmee', 'The Total Elimination of All Life (T.E.A.L)', 'Blood Red Moon' and 'Light of Darkness' (My latest dark fantasy series).


"If its 'War, Horror or Crime' then I'm more excited about the writing.  They have always been my favourite genres."


I've recently won two awards - 'Runner Up - Author of the Year' and 'Runner Up - Writer of the Year'.  During 2016 I've three book releases planned, two of which are pure horror and the third is a crime story. So I guess, I'm more excited and nervous, about this year than last, when I was working on the LOD series.

SIGNING Dates 2017

Next Signing:  24th June - Derby Comic Con

Victor Wright


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