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The Lawless Ones

Jimmy, a member of the teenage gang, the Brooklyn Blades, works for big time mobster and cold blooded killer, Red Moseley, who happens to be his uncle. When he overhears Red’s plan to rob a bank, Jimmy tells the Blades his secret. In their innocence, the teenagers plan to snitch on Red and take over his turf, until they meet Jean Harvey, a beautiful and dangerous 17 year old from out of town. Jean convinces the gang to steal the money for a cut, but things go terribly wrong when the Blades blame another local gang the Harlem Gents for the robbery. Red goes into a rage and swears vengeance on those who have done him wrong.

And then the bodies start to stack up.

“This is a thoroughly entertaining and gripping read. I felt that there is even more to be told, so I am hoping that there is a follow up.” – Martyn Rotherham

“It reminds me of a mash up of the TV show Dexter, The Godfather, Sin City comics and the more recent Grand Theft Auto plots.” – David Leighton

"I love the book!!! A New "Pope of Greenwich Village" - Wonderful writing." - Jsu Garcia – (Rod Lane), Nightmare on Elm Street

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Esmee - Thirst for Blood


Posing as an old family friend, Jack Bliss weaves a web of deceit around Annabella Cristoff and her daughter Esmee, as he desperately tries to relieve the family of their fortune. Unable to wait for his reward, Jack murders Annabella making it look like an incurable illness. What he doesn’t count on is the heir to the wealth is Esmee.

After several attempts to rid himself of the teenager and suspicions start to arise, Jack decides to return to London taking Esmee with him, where he runs a vile and vicious prostitution ring, scamming each girl of their hard earned money.

Turned into a woman of the night, Esmee tries in vain to escape Jacks clutches, but is forced to remain a prisoner by Madam Lilly, who needs all the girls she can get to avoid starvation and poverty.


Deciding to end it all, Esmee is approached by her final customer, Marcellus, a thousand year old vampire. Marcellus turns Esmee into one of his followers and instructs her how to take revenge upon Jack.


Rather than murdering Jack, she forces him to do her bidding, turning Whitechapel into the pits of hell. Detective Lewis is quickly assigned to the case and soon the killer is given the name ‘The Ripper’ as several mutilated bodies are discovered in the East End, sending the population into a frenzy.

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Victor Wright


Five teenagers bored with school, play truant on a hot summer’s day – they decide upon the local woods as a place to hide out until schools over. 

Whilst there, they meet Philip another youngster also hiding out who shares a dark secret with them. He tells them the story of a farmer who hung his wife in the woods, and how when the moon is full the trees bleed in sympathy for her. The official ruling is suicide - but Philip knows this wasn’t true. 

Fascinated by the horrific nature of the crime and the supernatural element, the kids decide to investigate further and find themselves in the midst of a satanic cult, and hunted by a serial killer. 

By award winning author Victor Wright


'The Trees That Bled'

Five Teenagers, One Serial Killer & A Satanic Cult.


'Spencer followed his gaze, and the man moved to Philip’s right hand, tied to the post of the headboard. Lifting a tool Spencer hadn’t seen in his hand before, the man reached for Philip’s thumb.

A pair of wire cutters.

His eyes darted back and forth between the tool being wrapped around the base of Philip’s thumb and the panic on his face. His chest heaved as the man said, “For touching my daughter, you sick son of a bitch.” He closed the wire cutters, and there was a sickly, wet snap, followed by an agonized cry that broke into sobs.

The joint bled profusely, but the man wasn’t finished. In quick succession, he took off the pointer and middle fingers with the same disgusting sound, and Spencer felt bile rise in his throat as the others cheered him on. But even their supporting chants didn’t rise over Philip’s wails and howls. As the man went for the ring finger, Philip passed out, and Spencer was relieved. Maybe he would stay unconscious while the last two fingers were removed.'

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